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15 Best Chrome extensions for YouTube

Shaun M Jooste


YouTube delivers hundreds of new online videos on a daily basis. Content creators use the platform to share new ideas, music videos, or marketing campaigns. Chrome extends this functionality by introducing extensions on the browser so you can do more with the videos.

We’ve put together a list of the 15 best Chrome extensions for YouTube. Be sure to check out the top features for each one so you’ll know how relevant it is to you or your business. You can unlock restricted content, block ads, create parties, and so much more.

15 Best Chrome extensions for YouTube

Top YouTube Chrome extensions

Return YouTube Dislike

Content creators didn’t like the Dislike button on YouTube showing viewers how many people disliked the videos. YT took steps to disable showing the amount, which went into effect on December 31, 2022. Return YouTube Dislike lets you access the data related to Dislikes on Chrome.

You can also view historical data, both before and after YouTube disabled the feature. Since Return YouTube Dislike is still in active development, not all of the data may be accurate.

Return YT Dislike DOWNLOAD
15 Best Chrome extensions for YouTube

Unblocker for YouTube

If your network administrator or employer has blocked your Chrome browser from viewing YouTube videos, Unblocker for YouTube will grant you access again. The free version contains adverts and watermarks, which you can remove with the paid version. 

You’ll need to be careful when using this Chrome extension for YouTube. If your company or administrator discovers you’re finding a way to circumvent the restrictions, you may find yourself in trouble.

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15 Best Chrome extensions for YouTube

Adblock for YouTube™

Many websites embed YouTube videos in their articles or online content for different reasons. Most of the time, it means dealing with the adverts that appear with them. Adblock for YouTube removes these ads on any site where they’re found in the videos so you don’t have to wait. 

However, there’s limited functionality. For example, it won’t deal with any other banners or adverts on the sites. It only works for YouTube panels on Chrome where you can watch the videos. 

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15 Best Chrome extensions for YouTube

YT With Friends

Are you familiar with the Netflix Teleparty extension where you can stream movies with your friends at the same time? YT with Friends takes the same principle and applies it to YouTube for Chrome. You can create or join sessions, enjoying online videos together while laughing or chatting about the content.

There have been some issues in the past, but the developer has been keeping a steady hand on updates to fix the bugs. You can also customize some of the settings, such as activating dark mode.

YT With Friends DOWNLOAD
15 Best Chrome extensions for YouTube

YCS – YouTube Comment Search

Working through thousands of comments on a YouTube video can be time-consuming, especially when you’re looking for something specific. YCS – YouTube Comment Search is a sophisticated extension for Chrome that makes this task easier for you. It doesn’t simply let you search for comments; you can also select categories or filter for the types of comments you want to see.

Some of the features include searching for authors, comment likes, timestamped responses, and random replies. It works for many different languages, and you can also export comments.

YouTube Comment Search DOWNLOAD
15 Best Chrome extensions for YouTube

Enhancer for YouTube™

Recommended by Mozilla, Microsoft Edge, and Opera teams, this Chrome extension for YouTube lets you optimize various video playback settings. You can adjust speeds, quality, and repetitive items on the platform. It performs like a Windows video player, except it’s adjusted for the YT content.

There’s also a dark mode if the white and bright colors affect your eyes, specifically designed for YouTube on Chrome. If you don’t like the current YT keyboard shortcuts, you can change them in the settings.

Enhancer for YouTube™ DOWNLOAD
15 Best Chrome extensions for YouTube

YouTube Party

Much like YT With Friends, YouTube Party lets you join friends in watching videos on the platform. You can also listen to music videos and sing along with others to have a ball of a time. If you want to have a conversation, there’s a chat panel in the Chrome extension Window.

Creating a YouTube party is as easy as sending the link to your friends. They can open it on their side and watch the video with you. Leaving the session is as easy as closing Chrome or the page. Another option is selecting “Leave Session.”

YouTube Party DOWNLOAD
15 Best Chrome extensions for YouTube


Here’s the official YouTube extension for Chrome. It doesn’t really come with any new features that aren’t already available on the main YT site. All it does is provide a link for you to head straight to the video platform without typing the URL, which may save you some time.

There’s so much more that Google could have done with this extension. Still, it’s handy if you don’t want to waste time typing in the site’s address all the time.

YouTube YouTube for Chrome DOWNLOAD
15 Best Chrome extensions for YouTube

Looper for YouTube

YT videos usually end by going to the next one in the playlist. If you don’t have a playlist, the video platform picks one for you. That means you need to jump up and press back if you want to listen to the same song over and over again. Looper for YouTube adds a Loop button for situations like that.

You can also loop a video with the quick press of a button if you have the Chrome extension installed. It works with timestamp ranges for short sections of the video, and it lets you select how many times you want to loop it.

Looper for YT DOWNLOAD
15 Best Chrome extensions for YouTube

YouTube Dark Theme

While YouTube has a dark mode, you can’t really customize the settings or schedule times for it to apply. There’s also no easy way to toggle it on or off. YouTube Dark Theme adds a toggle as a Chrome extension button, making it easier to access. Also, it injects some script into the YT platform’s CSS to make it compatible with most devices.

There’s a section where you can schedule times when you want the system to automatically apply the dark theme. That means you can work in the normal mode during the day and the inverted colors at night.

15 Best Chrome extensions for YouTube

Youtube TV On PC

Are you feeling slightly lazy and want to control YT videos on your PC from your phone? YouTube TV on PC turns your mobile device into a remote control so you can adjust various properties or switch to a new video. It creates a TV link that connects both devices on Chrome.

You can also improve the HD quality of the video on your PC or TV, depending on where you’re streaming the content. It’s specifically designed to work with

15 Best Chrome extensions for YouTube

Screenshot YouTube

It can be challenging to quickly grab a screenshot of a video while it’s playing or paused. Screenshot YouTube saves you the trouble by adding a screenshot button under videos with this Chrome extension. Just one click, and it saves the image to a designated location or to your clipboard.

Of course, you’ll need to be careful what you use the screenshot for, as the content may have copyright protection. You can also designate a keyboard shortcut if you don’t want to move the mouse to click at the right time.

Screenshot YT DOWNLOAD
15 Best Chrome extensions for YouTube

YouTube Redux

Some people still love the old YouTube layouts or settings. YouTube Redux lets you restore any of the previous YT features you may have enjoyed on your Chrome browser. For example, you can quickly list the videos on the main feed like it used to be or change the size of the video player.

There are many settings you can change once you install this YouTube Chrome extension. If you want to revert back to the modern settings, you can simply disable YouTube Redux or reset it to default.

15 Best Chrome extensions for YouTube

Subtitles For YouTube

You’ll find many videos on YT that don’t have subtitles. It can be hard to follow what people are saying sometimes, even when you have perfect hearing. Subtitles for YouTube lets you add captions to videos on Chrome, no matter what the content type is. 

The feature lets you add subtitles using SRT files you’ll need to find yourself. Fortunately, Subtitles for YouTube has a built-in search tool whereby you can quickly see if there are any online you can save and install.

Subtitles For YT DOWNLOAD
15 Best Chrome extensions for YouTube

Cadenza – Youtube Pitch Shifter

Are you a musician that wants to play an instrument or sing along, but the pitch of the song in the video doesn’t suit you? Cadenza – Youtube Pitch Shifter let you increase or lower the pitch on a YT video so that you can match it at home. It’s usually helpful when you’re a jazz artist that plays in other pitch ranges.

The Chrome extension adds a pitch filter under the video with sliding bars. You can easily move them up and down to your preference.

Cadenza - YT Pitch Shifter DOWNLOAD
15 Best Chrome extensions for YouTube

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