Google Chrome to receive new animated download icon

Dave Co


Google Chrome‘s traditional download bar will soon be replaced by an animated download button that is more streamlined and offers more useful information about progress and details.

The ever-popular Chrome web browser is constantly receiving updates that all aim to improve its overall user experience. One particular addition that came back in December 2021 introduced a new download icon that’s located along the top toolbar, right of the URL address bar.

Google Chrome to receive new animated download icon

Chrome is used and enjoyed by millions of people all across the world, for both daily web browsing and productivity. While it has established a name for itself when it comes to speed and stability, the overall user experience is not quite on par with other competing options in the market. One aspect that could use more work is how it handles downloading files over the internet.

It used to be that downloads are individually displayed across a bar located at the bottom. It’s handy for glanceable information, but it can get cluttered real quick just like how tabs can often get out of control. The new download button aims to address this by consolidating them all inside a drop-down list, accessible via the top toolbar row to the right.

What’s more, the icon itself is animated to help indicate download progress. Clicking on it will show a small pop-up window containing Recent Downloads. There’s a Show all downloads button at the bottom should you wish to browse through all of your files. There’s no official word yet on when the revamped download manager will be implemented, but it should make its way to the Chrome Canary channel any time now.

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