Chrome to Let Users Add Notes to Saved Passwords Soon

Russell Kidson


In the last few months, Google has added the option to manually add passwords to your browser and its Chrome Canary developer client. This innovation will go hand in hand what’s Google’s existing password utility that lets users automatically save passwords to their Google accounts. 

Now, we have learned that Google is experimenting with a new feature that will let users add notes to the saved passwords in a future build. While the tech and communication giant has yet to announce when the feature will be available to the general public, we can assume that with a feature so sensitive, the company is carrying out rigorous testing before an official launch.

Chrome to Let Users Add Notes to Saved Passwords Soon

It is however pertinent to note that Chrome Canary is an experimental playground for Google and its developers, and that might be some time before we see a final build of the Chrome search engine with this feature added. 

Google has yet to comment on what the intention behind the feature as well as possible uses would be; the tech-focused social media platform, Reddit, is all a buzz. One likely use highlighted by tech enthusiasts excited about the feature is the option to add pertinent information to a password.

This could be anything from a list of security questions or automatic expiration date for each password to intel on when users last modified their passwords. In truth, for security-conscious users, possibilities should be endless, and this new feature should be an innovative way to keep on top of your security in the online professional, social and leisure landscape. 

This feature is however not free of public criticism, with some users on Reddit concerned about whether the information added in the ‘notes’ section will have the same high-level encryption as passwords themselves. We can assume that your notes will be encrypted and that all possible issues with cybersecurity will be tested before this innovative feature rolls out to the public. 

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