Chrome outruns Safari with the M99 release

Russell Kidson


According to Google, its latest browser, Chrome 99, is leaving Safari in its dust. More than outperforming any former version of the legendary Google Chrome browser, the latest version is an even better browser to use on Macintosh systems than Apple’s resident browser, Safari. A post spotted on the Chromium Blog gets into the nitty-gritty concerning the improvements that have been made to Chrome’s speed over the past year. The blog focuses particularly on browser speed when rendering graphics or compiling JavaScript

Google has said that all of the information analyzed for the blog adds up to its Chrome browser being the fastest browser on M1 Macs, performing around 7 percent faster and more efficiently than Safari. Google’s best and brightest have more to brag about, though, as their plucky web browser apparently set a new browsing speed record, scoring an incredible 300 points on a benchmark that Apple’s WebKit team created. According to the brilliant minds behind it, the Speedometer is designed to accurately simulate the experience of using a web app by leveraging various technologies to gauge how responsive the overall experience is. 

Chrome outruns Safari with the M99 release

Google ran all of its tests on a 14-inch Macbook Pro containing a 10-core M1 Max chip and 64 GB of RAM. On lower-end systems, the variability would be even higher with Safari. Although, on lower-end systems with weaker processes, you wouldn’t be able to replicate Google’s findings. 

While this is all very exciting if you’re in the industry, ultimately, what matters most is which browser you prefer to use. Most people use multiple browsers such as Microsoft Edge on Windows 11 and Chrome or Safari on mobile. It’s incredible to have access to findings like these to base your choices on, however, and it’s good to know that you’d get such stellar performance out of Chrome on a Macbook.

Why not check out your other options when it comes to browsing the internet, and see how our experts have experienced and graded each? While you’re around, read up on what the big deal is about the upcoming Microsoft Edge 100 update and why some people in the tech-sphere view it as the possible next Y2K.

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