Google Delays Cookie Deprecation by 2 Years



Web Developers Have More Time to Prepare for Google’s Privacy Sandbox

For all of you who become annoyed at browser advertisements and user information collection, you’ll recall that Google was planning to depreciate third-party cookies in Chrome by Q2 in 2022. It’s all in preparation for the Privacy Sandbox where your data has more security. Some new browsers already have these systems in place, such as Brave Search.

Well, web developers and advertisers have received a reprieve. Google is delaying killing off third-party cookies by two years. It gives them more time to work on sustainable alternatives, something we’re sure many of them will appreciate. However, the U.K. Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) will assess changes to cookies for six months to ensure everything is going according to plan.

Google Delays Cookie Deprecation by 2 Years

Of course, not everyone will welcome this news. Companies and developers have been hard at work to get new systems in place for Privacy Sandbox, working long days and nights for when it was supposed to launch next year. Many have also onboarded engineers and vendors capable of creating the new technology needed to meet the new requirements.

There are also the FLEDGE trials, which were meant to test the Privacy Sandbox environment. It appears as if these have also been delayed for the time being, which means the CMA will have to wait to perform its evaluations. We’ll have to put up with third-party cookies a little bit longer.

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