Google Kills Off Chrome Lite Mode

Russell Kidson


Google has announced the decision to discontinue light mode on Android devices ahead of the global release of Google Chrome 100. Lite Mode first appeared on Android devices in 2014 under the name ‘Data Saver.’ The feature was designed to assist users with connecting to the internet on slow or limited data connections, making Chrome more versatile and user-friendly. The rebrand to Lite Mode occurred in 2019.

Enabling Lite Mode on an Android device triggers some of the user’s internet traffic to be diverted through Google’s servers before downloads to the user’s device. My vented web pages load slowly, Google servers will simplify them so that users don’t have to download as much data onto their devices. 

Google Kills Off Chrome Lite Mode

While Lite Mode has been beneficial to users with connectivity issues as well as those looking to bring personal data charges down, Google cites the significant decrease in data costs in many countries as one reason for their decision. 

Lite Mode getting the chop is just one of many changes set to occur with the release of the highly anticipated and slightly controversial triple-digit update for Google’s resident browser. Two other notable Giants in the web browsing industry, Mozilla and Microsoft, are also anticipating the update of their resident browsers to version 100. 

Google Chrome has not announced plans to replace Lite Mode, but the browsing giant has said that they are still as committed as ever it’s improving web browsing across devices and in difficult conditions. 

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