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How to achieve high scores in the free Slope Unblocked game in 4 steps

Evangeline West


Popular among students and workers who love a healthy distraction, Slope Unblocked is a free Chrome browser game that’s all about keeping the ball rolling. You use directional arrows or a combination of the A/D or Q/D keys to keep the 3D ball rolling down the slope for as long as possible.

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To rack up points and avoid falling off the slope, you’ll need to dodge blocks and make high jumps. While the concept is simple, there are several ways to keep rolling and score higher.

How to achieve high scores in the free Slope Unblocked game in 4 steps
  1. Stay within the lines when going straight

    Aim for the middle lines

    Much like driving an actual vehicle, the ball in Slope Unblocked has a smoother run when you keep it between the lines on the neon slope. You’ll need to change direction quickly to another grid to avoid blocks and make your way through the tunnels. Rarely will you have to navigate alongside the cliff, so it’s important to think within the middle grids. This can be an advantage for jumping the ramps and collecting coins along the way.

  2. Extend your time by moving through the map

    Fly through the map with fast gameplay

    Once you get the hang of the fast gameplay of Slope Unblocked, there are different paths to take that add seconds to your score. Extra paths over arches and tunnel entrances add more time as long as you take them with a strategy. You won’t be able to escape ramps that fly by in an instant, but if you land the drop perfectly, then you won’t risk falling off the slope and having to start over.

  3. Be mindful of the game colors but don’t get too distracted

    Out of bounds areas are clearly indicated in red

    In Slope Unblocked, your ball and background grids are a vibrant green that shows where to go. The walls of the tunnels are red, urging you not to roll into them. Once you crash or fall, the graphics turn red as well. These are easy and obvious indicators of what path leads to a higher score, coins along the way, and if you’ll have to start over. It’s also important to not be distracted by the city landscape with green grid buildings as they’re just background graphics.

  4. Be patient and don’t give up on the first try

    Easy to learn but difficult to master

    Slope Unblocked is an exciting yet casual game you can play again and again to top your high score. If you find yourself crashing or falling off the ledge at the same spot in the game, try a different tactic the next time you play. The controls are simple but may take some time to get used to if you’re more familiar with a different platform. Beating your high score is sure to be a rewarding experience each time you play Slope Unblocked.

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