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Google Chrome

Google Chrome74.0.3729.6

The quickest, smartest browser

Google Chrome is Google's web browser. With it, you can open web applications and games with no hassle and, above all, quickly. It's the main alternative to Firefox and Safari

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  • Ammar Adil

    by Ammar Adil

    i llllllllllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove it!

  • Ermiyas Takela Jaldu

    by Ermiyas Takela Jaldu

    it's better application among other application, because it is active and browsers what user need

  • Gabrielle Giraud

    by Gabrielle Giraud

    I love google chrome but with so many apps and programs taking over (windows 10 YUCK!) I can't disable them or uninstall them a few I got runtime errors and it would not uninstall.

  • shylaja prabhakar

    by shylaja prabhakar


  • sankaran namboodiripad

    by sankaran namboodiripad

    optimise googlechrome other wise re install perfect googlechrome

  • haya styles

    by haya styles

    i recomend google chrome the best browser ever availible try it and love it im installing it right now im so exited for this moment and theres even an i feel lucky button when you click it google doodles comes and theres a search doodles button on the top search halloween 2018 and then play tutorial and ten be ready to have some fun

  • by yue xiong

    i have use google nine years ,i like it . but in china ,we doesn't use gmail. every people chat will be vetted. this web can connect 2018 12 7 .hello world

  • Michael Onate

    by Michael Onate

    it is the best. .................................................................................

  • Andy Epstein

    by Andy Epstein

    I love it so much and I do recommend it to anyone who has access to the internet in their own home because I was always very satisfied with it myself

  • Mukhtar Ahmad

    by Mukhtar Ahmad

    my computr date and time in india clock And google chrome Software Activities Friday, September 5, 2014

  • Layla Webb

    by Layla Webb

    This app is SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • James Clegg

    by James Clegg

    It is very easy to use and comprehensive. A beginner could use it without a background in the computer.

  • George Mauo

    by George Mauo

    It is very good indeed,and it is also make me want to go in to it the whole time.

  • 一翔 张

    by 一翔 张

    easy to use, comfortable UI(user interface) , useful plug-in unit

  • by mei

    The latest version of Google Chrome69 has some problems for Windows32. Such as,if I download a file by the chrome,the chrome will crash at once.

  • Damini Dam

    by Damini Dam

    Totally Outdated!!!! Very Slow do not respond at all!!! Fix this up!!!

  • Louis Davis

    by Louis Davis

    Is good for computer user.. I think that it is the best for computer user, because I work

  • Louis Davis

    by Louis Davis

    Is good for computer user.. I think that it is the best for computer user, because I work

  • Jacobs Frans

    by Jacobs Frans

    it is the best search engine. it is the best search engine i have ever come always displays the right information and its easy to use other than mozzila or other search engines

  • Clayton Brogan

    by Clayton Brogan

    I uninstalled it due to not responding.. I like it, but I don't I just uninstalled it because it wasn't responding and when reporting it to support, in which I believe is non-existence. Pros: pro it is fast when it works. con I wouldn't recommend to anyone. Cons: it needs support

  • Nasri Hakki

    by Nasri Hakki

    chrome is better tool for web browser. it easier for beginner user compare to another browser tools

  • Nasri Hakki

    by Nasri Hakki

    chrome is better tool for web browser. it easier for beginner user compare to another browser tools

  • Edward Brooks

    by Edward Brooks

    awesome browser of course . its totally awesome woop woop. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Pros: evreything. it has maps too. Cons: if it had google universe. to see inside buildings on google maps

  • Edward Brooks

    by Edward Brooks

    its the only best!. its awesome!"!!!! its the best internet browser! Pros: the best symbol. Cons: to know evreything. To be better

  • by Anonymous

    BEST. Easy to use and best browser ever used. many inbuilt functions. Pros: INTERFACE. Cons: RESTORE DO NOT WORK PROPERLY

  • by Anonymous

    5 star. hottest browser !!!!!!!!!! 5 star i like it 5 star

  • by Anonymous

    Not competitive with Firefox. First it is better to rely more on user reviews, vs. those by professional reviewers. Over the years I have had too many disappointments with so called professional reviews. My experience setting up Chrome was not very good. Beginning with setting up a start page, which process, was not easy to divine and not logical vs. Firefox which ends up with a nice visible home More

  • by Anonymous

    the best browser I know.. google chrome is the most easy browser you can relly on, for spell check, protection, privacy and etc. Pros: spell check. ease of use. Cons: improve on speed. stability

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    greatest app. greatest searching and internet app in the world.i like it ver much.It is a must use app.

  • by Anonymous

    I cant use my google chrome . whats wrong with my google chrome i can't open even one browser its too slow, I'm using windows xp.. I hope you can give me options to fix this... I dont want to use other browser.