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Google's browser now for iOS

Google has brought it's excellent browser Chrome to iOS, and we can happily report the move has been successful. If you're looking for a good alternative to Safari, this should be your first option.

Optimized for productivity

Chrome is a tabbed browser, and unlike Safari, they are unlimited. The address bar doubles as a search box, which gives you a cleaner interface. You can also perform searches using your voice to save you from typing anything. New tabs have a home screen with you six most visited pages, and you can swipe it to find your bookmarks.

Chrome also has an incognito mode which is much easier to use than Safari, as you don't need to access it from Settings. If you use Chrome on other devices, you can sign in and sync with them. This means you can easily use your bookmarks from home, and open the pages that are open on other instances of Chrome.

Feels well integrated with iOS

Chrome feels different to Safari, but it's still got a clean design that fits beautifully with iOS. The tabs work very well and are fast. Making use of the white space in new tabs is a great feature, and browsing is fast and smooth.

If you use Chrome at home, the sync is a neat feature that's really useful. Unlimited tabs is a liberating feeling after being a Safari user too.

Some serious competition for Safari

Chrome on iOS feels like a grown-up browser; much less of a mobile compromise than Safari. If iOS let you choose your default browser, it could be the end of Safari.

Fresh design for new tabs, new pull to reload feature and support for iOS App Extensions.


  • Fresh design for new tabs, new pull to reload feature and support for iOS App Extensions.


  • Unlimited tabbed browsing
  • Fast and responsive browsing
  • Easy to access incognito mode


  • New 'Pull to reload' feature results in accidental reloads


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Chrome 86.0.4240.93 for iPhone


User reviews about Chrome

  • shona Williams

    by shona Williams

    Is my events and typing right for stuff so yeah so can I get on with it

  • Angela Scowcroft

    by Angela Scowcroft

    I love google chrome
    It is easy to use and operate and can easily switch through the different screens

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