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Help & Info about Google Chrome for mac

  • How do I find websites a little more quickly?

    If you are tired of accidentally closing your Google Chrome window and it taking all of your tabbed websites with it, then pin websites to your web browser. Right click on the tab of your web page while it is open and click “Pin Tab” and you will see it appear on your web browser as a clickable icon.
  • What should I do if my web browser has slowed down because I have tinkered with it too much?

    Go to your advanced settings and scroll down to the bottom where it says “Reset settings” and this will clear your web browser back to its default build, which means all your tinkering and adjusting will be removed.
  • How do I stop pesky prompts from coming up all the time?

    Click the vertical dots located on the top right of your web browser to open the options menu. Click “Settings” and click “Show Advanced Settings.” In the “Content Settings” and in the privacy section, you will see your options to control notifications and tracking information. Set it to stop allowing websites to create prompts if you are tired of them.
  • How do I use the task manager for Google Chrome?

    Your windows PC has a task manager, and your Chrome web browser has one too. Click the three vertical dots to get to the menu section, click on “More Tools” and click on “Task Manager.” This allows you to control which tabs and tasks remain and which are closed.
  • Where are the page zooming and scaling options?

    Find the advanced settings through the three vertical dots at the top of the web browser. Enter the advanced settings and you may adjust the web content page zoom and font size.
  • How do I mute videos more quickly and easily?

    Auto-play videos are viciously annoying, but in some cases you will see a small speaker icon on your tabs. The speaker icon shows you which tab is playing the video. Click the speaker icon and it will mute the video so you do not have to visit the page and mute the video manually. Enter this into your web browser address bar chrome://flags/#enable-tab-audio-muting and Chrome’s experimental options will appear. Make sure the “Audio muting UI control” option is highlighted.
  • How are some web pages able to play videos automatically without showing the speaker icon?

    Some websites and advertisers have already found a way around you being able to mute videos by removing the speaker icon from your tabs. If you find a website that does this, then close the web page as quickly as possible and wait a few months for the next update that will hopefully get around the web pages speaker icon exploit.
  • How do I update my extensions more easily?

    Click on the three vertical lines to open your web browser menu, and click on the “Extensions” button. Once in the extensions menu, you will see a small box at the top right that says “Developer Mode.” You need to tick that box. A bunch of new buttons will appear, and one of them says, “Update extensions,” which will allow you to update your extensions.
  • How do I stop local users from accessing my emails and Google+ account?

    Click on the three vertical lines to open your web browser menu, and check the box that says, “Enable Guest Browsing.” This allows people to sign in to your linked computers so that they may use their own Google services instead of them accidentally using your Gmail, Google+ and so forth.
  • Where do I find extensions for Google Chrome?

    You simply need to visit the Google Chrome Web Store. If you visit it with your Google Chrome web browser, then finding and installing the extensions is all the more easier. The web address for the extensions store is:


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