Google Chrome Extensions

  1. A free app for Chrome, by Nuke Reddit History.

  2. AIX Downloader(Picture/Video/Music) Pro for chrome from mime

  3. Print Your Own Business Labels in One Place

  4. A2 Optimized: The Best Speed And Security Settings

  5. Fancy & Cool Text Generator - Chrome Extension

  6. GraphQL Playground - Quick Way to Write GraphQL Applications

  7. SnipCSS

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    SnipCSS - A Tool That Allows You to Extract CSS/HTML for Any Elements on Any Page

  8. Tab Muter

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    Tab Muter - Chrome Extension to Mute Audio

  9. A free program for Chrome, by Google Accessibility.

  10. A free program for Chrome, by

  11. Pacer Speed Reading - A Tool That Helps You Read Faster

  12. Chaff

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    Chaff - An Extension that can Generate Random Web Traffic

  13. OCR - Image Reader - Capture and Convert Images to Text

  14. The Gravit Designer App - No Experience Needed

  15. Alura Extension - The World’s First Mobile App to Provide Etsy Product Insights

  16. Chrome Extension That Can Remove YouTube Recommendations From Your Browser

  17. Taplio - Grow Your Audience on LinkedIn

  18. Becorrect - New Tab Extension For Google Chrome

  19. How to Download Videos From Reddit

  20. Zoom

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    How to Get a Coupon on the Zoom App

  21. Adobe Creative Cloud Extension for Chrome

  22. Super Simple Auto Refresh - New Tab Extension For Chrome

  23. Purple AdBlock - A Video-Ad-Blocking Application for Twitch

  24. Excel Spreadsheet Creator Review

  25. Cherimoya Advanced Hotstar Subtitle Fetcher - Download and Save Subtitles for Your Favorite Hotstar Movies

  26. Cute and Colorful Cursors

  27. Mail Dump - An Automated Email Extractor for Web Pages

  28. Play the addictive game on your browser

  29. Seek Subtitles for YouTube for chrome from J.Rajer

  30. Citrix Workspace for Chrome OS

  31. VPN Master - VPN Solution Browser Extension

  32. The Movie & TV Player for Disney+

  33. Get a Mini Player for Spotify!

  34. How to Import Images to View in PowerPoint

  35. Smart Auto Refresh Pro for chrome from Smart Auto Refresh Pro