Google Chrome extensions for Fun

  1. How to View and Edit XML Files Within the Google Chrome Browser

  2. Color Temperature (Change Lux) for Chrome

  3. Meow, the Cat Pet - The First Virtual Cat Companion for Google Chrome

  4. A free program for Chrome, by SLOPE!!!.

  5. Email Extractor - How to Extract Email Addresses From Web Pages

  6. The Best Way To Transpose, Pitch, Speed Loop for Online Videos

  7. Unblock Little Alchemy 2: A Free Browser Extension Game

  8. Sugoi Shimeji - A Social Platform

  9. Play Classic Pacman Game Offline on Google Chrome

  10. Play with some cuties on your browser

  11. SEOquake

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    SEOquake – An SEO Tool That Provides a Comprehensive List of Key Metrics

  12. SAP ERP Ariba - SAP's Customer-Driven ERP for Sourcing and Procurement

  13. AnyDocToPDF - Convert Any File to PDF

  14. How to Import Images to View in PowerPoint

  15. FlipaClip App For Windows

  16. SpeakMagic - Convert Speech to Text

  17. Make Avatars - Avatar Maker

  18. How to Get Custom Cursors For Your Browser

  19. Download Images From Instagram

  20. Friday Night Funkin Unblocked - A Fun Musical Game You Can Play Offline