Google Chrome extensions for Tabs

  1. Volume Booster - How to Increase the Volume of Sound Files

  2. Email Extractor - How to Extract Email Addresses From Web Pages

  3. OneTab

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    Save Memory With OneTab!

  4. The Best & Amazing Tab Manager for Chrome

  5. Tab Muter

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    Tab Muter - Chrome Extension to Mute Audio

  6. Super Simple Auto Refresh - New Tab Extension For Chrome

  7. Panic Button - A Chrome Extension That Allows You to Hide All Your Tabs

  8. A free program for Chrome, by

  9. Customize Your Browser With the Dodge Challenger Wallpapers

  10. Cool Hacker-inspired Wallpapers Theme for New Tabs

  11. Level Up your Tabs with Anime Girls Sad Depressed Wallpapers

  12. A free app for Chrome, by chYer.

  13. Tunable Image Block (TIBL) for Yandex Browser

  14. Auto Refresh Chrome - A Free Chrome Extension That Refreshes Tabs

  15. HD Wallpapers Ron's Gone Wrong New Tab

  16. Mute Tab

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    A free app for Chrome, by trmcnvn.

  17. How to Use Speech Recognition

  18. Tab Auto Refresh - The Perfect Add-On For You!

  19. Agni Newtab Chrome Extension

  20. Mercy Wallpapers - An Exciting and Engrossing Experience with Every Image