Google Chrome Extensions for Music

  1. Chrome Extension - How to Increase the Volume of Audio in Your Browser

  2. Volume Booster - How to Increase the Volume of Sound Files

  3. The Flash Player - Play Flash Content on Websites

  4. Ultimate Torrent Grabber - Helps you Download Info Has as a Torrent File or Magnet Link

  5. The Gravit Designer App - No Experience Needed

  6. Get a Mini Player for Spotify!

  7. Audio EQ With Music Genres Presets and Bass Booster Features

  8. How to Increase the Speed of a Video and Audio on YouTube

  9. Fast Download of Tracks from VKloader

  10. Download Videos and Photos from IG with This Tool

  11. The Best Way To Transpose, Pitch, Speed Loop for Online Videos

  12. EQ Any Audio With This Graphic Equalizer and Volume Booster

  13. Bass Boost: New Tabs Extension For Chrome

  14. New Browser Extension of Phuong My Chi for Fans

  15. Fortnite Skull Trooper HD Wallpapers for every New Tab

  16. NewTube

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    NewTube - The Best Way to Listen to Your Favorite Music

  17. The Benefits of Using SpotifyTree

  18. Playlist Generator Chrome Extension - Listen to Music and Videos Online Without Any Restrictions

  19. Blazing Sails - Chrome Browser and New Tab Extension

  20. Menores Preços Dudu Rocha - Get the Best Deals and Discounts

  21. Kikimasu

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    Open Pandora Without Having to Manually Click the Link

  22. How To Use Az Screen Recorder For PC?

  23. KineMaster Movie Editing and Editing Tools

  24. In My Opinion: A Free Chrome Extension That Removes Rating and Critic Media Reviews From Search Results

  25. Categorizer - A Tool to Manage Your Daily Websites

  26. Chance The Rapper - A New Tab Extension

  27. Comment Reader for YouTubeTM - Read Top Comments Seamlessly

  28. Chifuyu Matsuno Tokyo Revengers New Tab: A Beautiful Extension for Anime Fans

  29. Max Sound & Volume Control Center - Enhance Sound on Your Chrome Browser

  30. Free Theme For Web Browsers

  31. Play Music in Your Own Way

  32. Relive Your Disneyland Memories With This Extension

  33. Nice Trump Chrome Extension

  34. Music Skip Heard - A Tool That Automatically Removes Music That You Have listened to on YouTube Music Within 2 Hours

  35. The Ultimate Collection of Wallpapers for Hulk Fans

  36. PeacockTV: The World’s Most Creative App