Google Chrome Extensions for Site Blocker

  1. FoxFilter - Blocking Inappropriate Content

  2. How to Block Websites

  3. Prevent unauthorized coin miners

  4. Spoiler-Prevention Plugin For Your Favorite Television Series

  5. How Can Wedge Help You to Stay Focused?

  6. Content Blocker - The Best Way To Hide Or Delete Annoying Elements On Websites

  7. Chrome Extension - Filtering Out Ads and Websites

  8. Shush!

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    Shush - A Handy Tool for Hitting Unwanted Elements From the Web

  9. Blacklist

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    Blacklist - A Chrome Extension That Can Block Websites

  10. Easy Redirect & Prevent Cryptojacking Browser Extension

  11. Laser Character - Page Destroyer - Get Rid of the Websites You Don't Like

  12. The Rotten Tomato Destroyer for Chrome Browser

  13. Zagreb Online - Play Online Radio

  14. How to Block and Filter Images on Different Websites