Google Chrome extensions for Teacher

  1. Google Meet Extension - Keeping Track of Attendees in Google Meet Meetings

  2. Download Vocabulary - The Best Way to Improve Your Vocabulary

  3. Paragraph - Learn a Second Language While Reading the Daily News

  4. OU Proctor - The Tool for Monitoring Exam Rooms

  5. Exam24h Helper -Educational Tool

  6. Google Meet - A Simple Software Extension

  7. View the Ratings of Professors on RateMyProfessors

  8. Edvidi for Google Classroom - An online teaching tool

  9. What is the LanSchool Student for Chromebook?

  10. Import Quizlet Sets Into Moodle With This Chrome Extension

  11. Spiral App - The Complete Learning Tool For Students And Teachers

  12. Edu-Pal - A Tool for Teachers to Manage Feedback From Students on Google Meet

  13. My Grammar Check - A Tool For Checking Your Grammar, Spelling, and Style

  14. Unbadify Day Map Chrome Extension

  15. The Comment Helper Extension for Teaching at Beida

  16. School Cheats - How to Use School Cheats

  17. Avoid Procrastination with Productivity InFocus

  18. Merlin Attendance App for Teachers

  19. Google Classroom - A Simple App That Saves All the Links in Google Classroom

  20. Powerschool Grade Gurus - a.0