Google Chrome Extensions for Developers

  1. Fakespot - A New and Improved Version of Our Industry Leading eCommerce Application

  2. Shopify Spy - Get Product Data From a Store

  3. EasyCRM API - A Free Application for Developers

  4. Watch Problem Videos With LeetCode Video Solutions Extension

  5. OIB Generator - A Chrome Extension for Generate OIBs

  6. Check for Issues on Your Google Analytics Tracking

  7. OvalEdge

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    OvalEdge Chrome Browser Extension

  8. Chrome for Developers - DevAssistant

  9. Adobe PDF File Viewer for Chrome

  10. Raven Wallpapers New Tab - Personalize Your New Tab

  11. SAP Note Enhancer - Enhancing Visualization of Correction Instructions

  12. Web Tracing Framework - New Browser Extension

  13. Illumify

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    The Dark Theme Tool for Chrome

  14. Codexplainer - A Free AI Tool That Can Translate to English

  15. Blue Alphant - Find the Character You Need

  16. Humble Bundle Keys Clipboard - Your Reliable Data Manager

  17. How Can the Reaaye App Be Useful?

  18. Using ApInvoice Extension for your Business

  19. Page Notes for Chrome from manugarg

  20. Build, Test, Release, and Monitor Your Application With Jenkins

  21. Powerbargain - A Platform to Help Boost Sales

  22. Pugs New Tab - The Ideal Extension for Pug Lovers

  23. How to Use Jira on Fire by Kolossi

  24. SimpleShot - A Lightweight Screenshot and Download Extension

  25. PageTrap - Convert Web Pages to PDF

  26. SAML Chrome Panel - The Best Developing Extension Tool

  27. Upvote First for StackOverflow - Classifies Your StackOverflow Answers

  28. The Perfect Tool for Developers

  29. Track Azure DevOps Work Items

  30. PACT Engine - A Free, Lightweight, Accessibility Compliance Tool

  31. Screen Capture - Take a Screenshot of Your Page

  32. Get the Image! is an Extension for Developers

  33. Gochyu - Theme Detector for chrome from Avi Klein

  34. Domain Visualizer - Identify the Origin of the Website Displaying in Front of You

  35. Openure

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    Openure - A Chrome Extension for Backbone.js

  36. Web Designers and Developers Extension