Google Chrome Extensions for Developers

  1. The PC Master Race Heathen Filter

  2. Open in Opera Browser - Easy Way to Share Links

  3. Go Micro

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    Go Micro - Chrome Extension for Code and On-Cash Micropayments

  4. Localhost Open Graph Checker - An Extension for Chrome

  5. Kameleoon

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    Kameleoon - A Tool For Developers

  6. Session Switcher - A Chrome Extension for Developers and Web Designers

  7. Manage Your Youtube Subscriptions and Channels More Easily

  8. FragmentQR - A Free Tool For Developers and Users to Use QR Codes

  9. hir-iaith Hi-Lite - A Language Tool for Welsh Learners

  10. Fortnite Deadpool HD Wallpapers Tab - Created by Supertabthemes

  11. Get temporary access to Habbo Application

  12. AutoClicker - AutoFill Dev for Faster and Pro-like Automation

  13. Jaxcore - A Revolutionary Software Development Platform

  14. A New Chrome Tab and Wallpaper from Naruto Uzumaki

  15. Test Your Software, Application Or Website With OR Manager

  16. Extension Auditor - A Tool to Keep Track of Browser Extensions

  17. LuxusMail - Disposable Email Address

  18. Google Maps Platform API Checker - Shows Information about Common Watchpoints and Pitfalls

  19. Interactable - A Web Automation Tool

  20. Wiser - An Open Source Web Page Parser

  21. Chrome Extension - Disable the Zoom Shortcut Ctrl + Mousewheel

  22. Extension to Manage Cookies Related to the Current Tab

  23. Find+ - A Very Useful Tool For Developers

  24. Pricely - The Easiest Way to Compare Prices

  25. Status Check - A Free Resource Status Checker for Web Developers

  26. CISM / CISA Exam Prep Plugin - Your Way to Prepare for Your Isaca Certifications

  27. OctoX - A Single, Simple Way to Browse GitHub Code

  28. TechSpecs - The World’s Largest Database of Games

  29. Console Recorder for AWS for chrome from Ian Mckay

  30. Chrome Extension - Inject Custom HTTP Headers

  31. Debug CSS

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    Debug CSS for chrome from Pranay Joshi

  32. The *S Updater Extension for Web Developers

  33. Code Injector - A Must-Have Tool for Developers

  34. After Coupon India - A Free App to Save More on eCommerce Websites

  35. DeploySentinel Recorder - The Most Intuitive Solution to the Problems of Maintaining Automated Test Systems for Websites

  36. The Color Finder Pro App is the Perfect Tool for Developers, Designers, and Creative People