Google Chrome Extensions for Security

  1. MYWeb Advisor - New Tab Extension For Chrome

  2. Online Security - The Trusted Endpoint Protection Solution for Enterprise and Home Users

  3. Webmaster Tool - A Chrome Extension That Combines Cloud Services

  4. A free app for Chrome, by JUNO_OKYO.

  5. vpnEstonia - The Best VPN Extension for Your Browser

  6. Bitcoin Debit Cards - The Perfect Solution for Online and In-Store Payment

  7. Freemindtronic® Brand - The First in the World to Have the Use of NFC Technology to Protect Data and Secure Applications

  8. Select Search - Google's New Search Engine

  9. Password Assistant - Secure Passwords

  10. WhaleVault - The Key Vault of Choice for Any Platform

  11. What Is a Security Extension For Google Chrome?

  12. Use Net iD Client With Smart Card Logon

  13. Instagram Likes Extension - How to Like Every Link on Instagram

  14. Havoc Shield Guidance Assistant Plugin

  15. Robinhood Alerts - Don't Want to Monitor Your Open Accounts?

  16. The Untrusted Types Extension

  17. Lazada Data Scraper For Shopee for chrome from

  18. YCT - EPUB to PDF Converter For chrome From mojosavingsonline

  19. Stardust Cookie Cutter Browser Extension

  20. Gynios

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    Gynios Shopping and Personalised Shopping App

  21. SeeOnce Privacy - Secure Email Solution

  22. PhotoCrypt - The New Kind of Account Security

  23. Browser Stats - A Free, Easy-To-Use Utility

  24. Slack Printer - How to Export Messages

  25. 3D Flip Tab Switch - Easily Switch Between Tabs By Flip

  26. DECS - Code Snippets Manager: A Useful Tool for Your Workspace

  27. Vaultilo

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    Vaultilo - The Best Secure Password Manager

  28. Meeting

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    Enjoy Video Conferencing with Enhanced Security Features

  29. Bookmanize - Access All Bookmarks Easily In One Full List View

  30. CloudHQ - Make Forwarding Your Emails Easy

  31. Cookie Free - The Ultimate Chrome Plugin

  32. ZBD Browser Extension - Especially Made for Gamers

  33. Surf the web securely

  34. Dekey

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    Dekey - A Chrome Extension for Secure DApp Access

  35. Currency Converter - Convert Currency Rates With Ease

  36. CyberArk Secure Web Sessions - User-Activity Recorder