Google Chrome Extensions for Security

  1. Freelance Artist - Is it the Same As a 9-5 Job?

  2. Data Shield Browser Extension

  3. WPSecurity: Security and Privacy for WordPress Websites

  4. The Dropp Web Extension is the Partner Your Dropp Mobile Wallet Needs

  5. Listen to More Than 20K Free Radio Stations!

  6. Army Of Soldiers Resistance Game - New Tab Extension For Chrome

  7. Social Media Manager - The Yourself Online Browser Extension

  8. Good Eggs - The World’s Favorite Site for Discovering New and Local Food

  9. Spoiled

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    Spoiled Is an Extension to Prevent and Hide Spoilers and Click-Bait

  10. Web Scraper Cloud - The Best Data Mining Tool Ever!

  11. Prey

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    Prey for Chromebooks - The Most Advanced Device Tracking & Security App to Date

  12. Yolo - The Best Web Proxy to Surf the Internet

  13. Himalaya

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    Himalaya - The First Secure Online Video Service

  14. Global VPN Browser Extension and Proxy - Protect Your Privacy While You Enjoy Browsing Different Sites

  15. Now Net - Online Streaming Platform

  16. Swash

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    Swash - An Extension That Monetizes Your Data

  17. Secure Passwords - A Free Password Generator

  18. iManage Work Email Management for Gmail

  19. Frurl - A Free Web Browser Extension

  20. Mandiant Threat Intelligence Browser Extension

  21. Access PUCMM Santiago's Network with PUCMM WIFI Auto Login

  22. Windscribe - A Free VPN Proxy

  23. A Trusted Cryptocurrency Wallet

  24. Deadbolt - A Tool For Generating Strong Passwords

  25. Password Hint - Bring Up the Security Requirements of a Website

  26. EmailCheckNow - The World’s Best Email Checker

  27. Preava Prevent - The World’s Best Email and Content Security Solution

  28. Perform Wallet Transactions with IOTA Wallet

  29. Chrome PhoneHome EnterpriseTM - A Free Anti-Theft Security Tool

  30. uFilter

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    Delete What You Don’t Want to See With uFilter

  31. NeverProxy Extension for Chrome

  32. The Untrusted Types Extension

  33. Robinhood Alerts - Don't Want to Monitor Your Open Accounts?

  34. Stardust Cookie Cutter Browser Extension

  35. WhaleVault - The Key Vault of Choice for Any Platform

  36. Use Net iD Client With Smart Card Logon