Google Chrome Extensions for Security

  1. Mystique Tab - A New Tab for Chrome

  2. Screenloop Video Conferencing Platform

  3. Krypton Authenticator connects you with your Krypton App for iOS and Android

  4. No-CSRF

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    Stop Cross-Site Request Forgery Attacks

  5. HSBC Transactions - Export Transaction Data From Your HSBC Bank Account

  6. Password Hint - Bring Up the Security Requirements of a Website

  7. Frurl - A Free Web Browser Extension

  8. A Trusted Cryptocurrency Wallet

  9. Mandiant Threat Intelligence Browser Extension

  10. Yolo - The Best Web Proxy to Surf the Internet

  11. LogMeOutThx Keyboard Shortcut for Websites

  12. Unblock Websites With Avira VPN

  13. AE Encrypt is the Best Extension for Encryption and Decryption

  14. CMC Online Security - Cyber Security

  15. Throwaway

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    Throwaway - A Developer Platform for Testing and Privacy

  16. Trust VPN

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    Trust VPN - A Secure VPN Server Accessible Via Chrome

  17. Global VPN Browser Extension and Proxy - Protect Your Privacy While You Enjoy Browsing Different Sites

  18. Himalaya

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    Himalaya - The First Secure Online Video Service

  19. HTML-Table Scraper Extension for Google Chrome

  20. Help Me Focus - a convenient task tracking tool

  21. Save Your Team With This Free Download

  22. Black Sand White Sand Grey Sand - A Disruptive Browser Experience

  23. Strong Password Generator - Create Strong and Secure Passwords

  24. Prey

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    Prey for Chromebooks - The Most Advanced Device Tracking & Security App to Date

  25. SimpleSwap - The Best Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

  26. A Secure Document Sharing Tool and Password Manager

  27. HushApp

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    HushApp - Protecting Your Privacy

  28. Bitcoin Debit Cards - The Perfect Solution for Online and In-Store Payment

  29. How to Use MyCena

  30. vpnEstonia - The Best VPN Extension for Your Browser

  31. Freemindtronic® Brand - The First in the World to Have the Use of NFC Technology to Protect Data and Secure Applications

  32. SchoolLoop Autologin for Chrome from fernozzle

  33. Secplugs Web Secure - The Best Way to Protect Your Personal Information Online

  34. Net iD Client Extension

  35. Message Secure Send - Exchange Secure, Encrypted Emails In Just A Few Clicks