Google Chrome Extensions for Tabs

  1. Link Folders Extension for Chrome

  2. Taylor Swift New Tab Browser Extension

  3. Advance Tab Groups - Add New Rule for New Tab Group

  4. Total War: Warhammer III Wallpapers & Theme

  5. Tab Closer - How to Close Multiple Tabs of the Same Kind at the Same Time

  6. Level Up Your Browsing Experience With Flandre Scarlet New Tab Theme HD Chrome Extension

  7. How to Open Links on a Laptop in an Organized Way

  8. Christmas Dogs Wallpaper – Backgrounds for Dog Lovers

  9. How to Add New Tabs to the Right Side of the Browser

  10. Chrome Booster for Chrome

  11. Trolley

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    Trolley Shopping Extension - A Google Extension That Enhances the Shopping Experience

  12. OneAccess - A One-Stop for Bookmarks, History, and Favorites

  13. Tab Tennis Foundation - A New Way for You to Help Children in Some of the Poorest Places in the World

  14. Guardians of the Galaxy Wallpapers - A Chrome New Tab Extension

  15. FocusOn

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    FocusOn - Minimize Your Distractions and Boost Your Productivity

  16. Chromforter - Chrome Extension for Slow Internet Connection

  17. Quick Links - How to Save Links

  18. How to Hide Topics and Users on Twitter

  19. A Tool to Quickly Switch Tabs

  20. tabzen

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    Tabzen - For Managing Multiple Tabs in a Browser

  21. Tab Finder - An Extension to Find and View Opened Tabs

  22. Tabby

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    Tabby Extension for Chrome - A Quick and Easy Way to Create a New Tab

  23. ComfortDIAL Chrome Browser Tab

  24. Aesthetic Anime New Tab Wallpapers

  25. Mortal Kombat Extension - Get a New Tab with an Amazing Theme

  26. Jinx Arcane LoL Wallpaper & Theme - New Tab Extension For Chrome

  27. Change Your Standard Page Background To A Beautiful Image With Future Tabs

  28. URL Copy - The Best Way to Save Your Time

  29. Simple Tab Saver - A Must-Have Tool

  30. ktab

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    Ktab - A Simple, Yet Powerful Way to Bookmark Websites and Web Pages

  31. New Extension to Allow Closing Tabs With a Back Button

  32. Renegade Shadow Fortnite HD Wallpapers Tab: An Extension for Fortnite Enthusiasts

  33. Rugby Extreme Kick for the Goal

  34. Pixel Bridge Builder Game New Tab - Build The Perfect Bridge or Fall Into Your Doom

  35. Use Cause Searches to Generate Money For Your Charity