Google Chrome Extensions for Developers

  1. ChromeOverlay for Chrome from applepiecake4

  2. The Good Net - A Free, Ad-Supported Internet Browser Extension

  3. Clear Local Storage for Chrome from rimraf

  4. Tinybeest - Free Online Image Compression and Optimization Tool

  5. Google Maps Platform API Checker - Shows Information about Common Watchpoints and Pitfalls

  6. Rick and Morty Season HD Wallpaper New Tab for Chrome

  7. Extension to Manage Cookies Related to the Current Tab

  8. How You Can Debug Google Tag Manager (GTM) and Google Analytics (GA)

  9. Console Recorder for AWS for chrome from Ian Mckay

  10. TechSpecs - The World’s Largest Database of Games

  11. The Developer Page - A Darker Color Palette

  12. Chrome Browser Tool - Arbitrary Rendering Identifier

  13. IMDb Age

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    IMDb Age Chrome Extension - See The Actor's Age On Each Film

  14. Babbar

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    How Does Work?

  15. Ethereum - The Most Popular Public Blockchain Project

  16. Stranger Things Show Wallpapers New Tab for chrome from

  17. BuildBot Error 2 - A Convenient Tool for Debugging BuildBot Logs

  18. Nintex SmartForm Assistant - A Tool For Debugging of Nintex SmartForms

  19. Erased Wallpapers for Chrome - Gives You Quick Access for Convenient Browsing

  20. Safari Fortnite Skin Wallpapers New Tab Extension For the Big Fans

  21. CISM / CISA Exam Prep Plugin - Your Way to Prepare for Your Isaca Certifications

  22. Status Check - A Free Resource Status Checker for Web Developers

  23. Interactable - A Web Automation Tool

  24. PUBG Battle Royale HD Wallpapers New Tab for chrome from

  25. Use the fredev Chrome Extension to Analyse Your Website Performance

  26. QaSCRIBE - Test Script and Utility for Programmatic UI Testing

  27. Open Relevant Links With This Handy Tool For Web Developers and Testers

  28. Google Pagespeed Insights Extension for Chrome From Varun Dey

  29. Expresso Beans - The Perfect App for Website Developers

  30. - A Self-Help Tool For Teens

  31. EazyCSS

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    EazyCSS - The Best Solution For Web Designers

  32. X-Cycle

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    Useful Modules for Web Applications

  33. A free program for Chrome, by lezram.

  34. Addison Rae Customization for Chrome


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    SOFOCUS - A Chrome Extension for Developers

  36. Cherry Pie - The Missing Link in Pull Request History