Google Chrome Extensions for Developers

  1. Exception beautifier - Browser Extension

  2. Dashlane Helps You Protect Your Private Data

  3. Compliance Deputy - How The App Tests and Repairs Content Before Publishing

  4. LiveHosts

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    Switch Your IP Mappings With LiveHosts - A Chrome Extension

  5. Throwaway

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    Throwaway - A Developer Platform for Testing and Privacy

  6.'s Tab Manager - The New Tab Manager

  7. ImpactProduct - A Product Analytics Solution

  8. What is Tab Bundle?

  9. SQL Formatter - A Free Online Tool For SQL Developers

  10. Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Quick Links

  11. Style Inspect - A Tool For Web Developers

  12. Lithium Studio Editor Enhancement - A Tool to Improve the Coding Experience

  13. FixSpec - The Largest and Most User-Friendly API Marketplace for Financial Trading and Market Data

  14. Injecta

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    Injecta - An Open-Source Web Tool For Developers

  15. Web Scan Detects 80+ Libraries in JavaScript

  16. Flipkart Advantage (Product by WS Retail) Addon - Browser Extension

  17. Forget Me - The Best Tool To Clean History & Cookies

  18. Cypress Recorder for Chrome From KabaLabs

  19. Chrome Dev Tools - IR_Black and Base16 Dark

  20. How to Reuse Variables on Chrome Quickly and Efficiently

  21. Fasterize Status for Chrome - Quickly Diagnose the Page Served by Fasterize

  22. Contextual App for Apps - Design Tips, Guides, and Product Adoption

  23. Injector

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    Injector - A Server-Side Solution

  24. React Quantum - Monitor Key Component Metrics

  25. Neon New Tab Wallpapers & Games - The Best Wallpaper For Windows

  26. Breeze Clock - Track Timesheets for Your Employees, Clients, and Projects

  27. Add Music to All Links on Reddit With This Extension

  28. Circle Mouse Gestures New Tab Extension For Chrome

  29. Inviter - The Newest Facebook Tool for Inviting Post Likers

  30. The PC Master Race Heathen Filter

  31. OCPQ - The Next Generation Application for Oracle Platform

  32. Light And Handy Floating Panel for YouTube

  33. The Skin Cancer Image Search is a Chrome Extension

  34. Frontest

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    Frontest - A Chrome Extension for Chrome DevTool

  35. TrackingObserver - A Chrome Extension That Blocks Third-Party Trackers

  36. LWC ShadowPath Generator - The Best Tool For Designers And Developers