Google Chrome Extensions for Fun

  1. FormScore - How to Connect With People With Common Mental Health Concerns

  2. Brainy Cars Game New Tab for chrome from

  3. How to Use the Sugar Daddy Websites List

  4. Chrome Extension - Skip to the Next/Previous Song on Your YT Playlist

  5. Papyrus Wallpaper New Tab - Features Great Wallpapers And Games

  6. The Wordgram App - Learning Languages Fun and Easy

  7. Boj Coloring Book New Tab: Give new life to your pages

  8. Nba New Tab Wallpapers & Games

  9. How to Extract Data From Tokopedia

  10. Webreads

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    WebReads Browser Plugin - An Audiomarking Tool

  11. HD Wallpapers and Themes krunker New Tab

  12. How to Increase Your Social Media Reach and Engagement

  13. AgroMod: Merge Timer - Browser Extension

  14. Voys Plugin - The Most Convenient Way to Make Phone Calls

  15. Free 4K Made in Abyss-themed wallpapers

  16. Millie Bobby Brown Wallpaper HD for chrome from

  17. Gold Miner Jack 2 Game - Collect All Precious Mines & Earn Money in the Given Time

  18. ZeroBlur

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    ZeroBlur - How to Keep Confidential Data Safe on Camera Roll

  19. The Post Office - Quickly Send Emails and Links

  20. Crosslist Magic - The First Place to Copy Listings

  21. Personalize Your New Tab With Fall Guys Flappy Game New Tab

  22. Anime Girls (picture in picture) New Tab for Chrome from

  23. AmazingLions Extension for Chrome

  24. Ayaka Genshin Impact Wallpapers New Tab - Get Full HD Wallpapers

  25. Mercy Wallpapers - An Exciting and Engrossing Experience with Every Image

  26. Mouse Trap - Keyboard Navigation Extension

  27. Chrome Extension for Axure - Prototype Toolkit

  28. Fakoscope

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    Fakoscope Extension for Chrome - An Innovative Tool in the Online Journalism World

  29. Smash Karts Hide and Seek

  30. Free Recipe and Cooking App

  31. Reverse Phone Number Lookup and Tracing App

  32. Enjoy a Farming-Themed Game on Your New Tab

  33. The Best Free Backgrounds, Apps, and Games For Your New Tab and Browser

  34. Extreme Battle Pixel Royale Online Game

  35. Great source of fun effects and GIFs

  36. HD Wallpaper for the Fan of Punisher Marvel in you