Google Chrome Extensions for Fun

  1. Crossy Road - Classic Car Driver Simulator Game

  2. Realable

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    Realable - A Social Network For Real Estate Agents

  3. topiary

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    topiary - A Meta-Search Engine

  4. Friday Night Funkin Unblocked - A Fun Musical Game You Can Play Offline

  5. Doodle Jump for Chrome from 2playergames

  6. Personalize Your New Tab With Chicago Bulls-Themed Wallpapers

  7. Muminai

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    Muminai - A Social Community For People Who Love to Cook

  8. Timeline - The Extension for Displaying Scrobbles on Your Google Maps Timeline

  9. 2B NieR Automata Wallpapers New Tab for Chrome from

  10. Custom Shortcuts - New, Innovative, and Fun Way to Enhance Your User Experience on the Web

  11. Get your party in any site

  12. Navigate The Website With Ease

  13. A Simple Way to Learn German Nouns and Their Gender

  14. Personalized StarBeam Wallpapers

  15. Play Hours of Fun With This Frenzy Chicken Farming Game For Your Tab

  16. New Version of the Android Bookmark Manager

  17. Skyscanner Extension - Book Now

  18. Credibilator Review - A Tool for Assessing the Credibility of News Articles

  19. Shill Log Processor for ChromeOS

  20. Light And Handy Floating Panel for YouTube

  21. Total War: Warhammer III Wallpapers & Theme

  22. Golfing Wallpaper - Add a Golf Background to Your New Tab

  23. Chrome Add-On - Import New Cards to the Anki Desktop App

  24. Virtel Web Access Extension – Share Data Between Your Browser and Other Applications

  25. Infinite Chrome Custom Background

  26. An Extension For Luka Doncic Fanatics

  27. Starcraft 2 Application - List All Starcraft 2 Streams

  28. COERO

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    COERO - A Meeting Management Tool

  29. How to Play Animal Racing

  30. Worldview Exchange - More Than A News App

  31. Play Tic-Tac-Toe on Chrome

  32. Register a New Domain For a Low Price

  33. Automatically Like and Unlike All Tweets on Twitter

  34. Jumpero Game - Jump and Catch With Your Friends!

  35. New Tab With Beautiful Wallpaper For Chrome Users

  36. Get an Animal Sounds Soundboard with this Chrome Extension