Google Chrome Extensions for Fun

  1. Carden Chrome Extension - The Chrome Extension That Brings Gamification to Learning

  2. Alibaba Add-On for Chrome - The Best Extension for Buying Chinese Goods

  3. Play House Painter Offline

  4. Shenhe Genshin Impact - A Free Browser Extension for Changing the Look of Your Browser

  5. Wellington Paddler - River Guide for Kayaking

  6. Spider Fly Heros Game - Hover Across the Screen and Collect the Coins

  7. The Best Game of Tic-Tac-Toe For All!

  8. Stretchy Road Fun Game Extension for Chrome Users

  9. Wave to Me - A Simple and Fun Way to Send Notifications to Your Friends While Surfing the Web

  10. Chrome Extension - Primary Source Scraper

  11. Personalize Your New Tab With Digimon-Themed Wallpapers

  12. Play Car Park in New Tab

  13. AliExpress Image Search - Find Best Deals

  14. Parkour Block 3D Game New Tab for Chrome from

  15. Customize Your New Tab Page With Rami Melek Wallpapers

  16. Search For Images on the Web Using the Address Bar

  17. Add Animated Emotes to Youtube Live Chats

  18. A New Tab Extension from Samurai Fantasy Warrior

  19. Night Shift - A Powerful Control for the Color Levels of the Webpage

  20. The Best Extension for Learning to Play Instruments

  21. Play Tic-Tac-Toe on Chrome

  22. Bouncy Race - New Tab

  23. Jumpero Game - Jump and Catch With Your Friends!

  24. Worldview Exchange - More Than A News App

  25. Dogger

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    Dogger – Avoid Cars As You Cross the Road

  26. Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery for chrome from zayneeng

  27. Register a New Domain For a Low Price

  28. Tweak

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    Tweak - A Chrome Extension That Lets You Edit Information on Web Pages

  29. Browser Extension for Box Breathing Meditation Guide

  30. Play Meme Sounds With This Tool

  31. Crono

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    Crono - A Chrome Extension

  32. Wheesbee - Add Every URL From Your Browser to Your Favorites

  33. Creative Destruction PC and Mac

  34. Apex Legends HD Wallpapers

  35. Get the Chance to Get the Old Messenger Emojis

  36. Corona Virus Hackathon - Create a Project Within a Single Click