Google Chrome Extensions for Fun

  1. Browse Your Favorite Websites with Amazing Motorcycles as the Backdrop


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    • (No votes yet) - The First Open Search Engine

  3. Tic Tac Toe for Chrome from MiMiMi

  4. Jurassic Park HD Wallpapers & Theme for Chrome


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    FATRANK - A FREE Keyword Checker Tool

  6. UCME - The World’s Leading Online Community Platform

  7. CRM Asterisk CTI Phone Integration - Improve your Phone Handling and Communication

  8. GBIF Extension for Google Chrome

  9. Teen Wolf New Tab - The Best Place For Fans to Get Their Favorite Wallpapers for Their Browsers

  10. Mission-packed Jurassic-themed Game New Tab

  11. How to Use Nam Ninh Express

  12. Funniest Games With Garfield

  13. Lady Gaga New Tab Chrome Extension for Fans

  14. GamersClub - New Extension That Will Make You Play More

  15. Freecycle - What You Need to Know

  16. Plug-It - Add Custom JS to a Track on Your Phone

  17. Post Cannon for Facebook Group - The Perfect Tool for Managing Facebook Group Posts

  18. Tengen Uzui Demon Slayer Wallpapers New Tab for Chrome

  19. Team.Video Meeting Room - Meet With the People You Care About

  20. Sanity

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    Sanity Chrome Extension - How to Hide the Comments on Websites

  21. Planner Plane for Chrome

  22. Prospect Role - A Chrome Extension That Generates Email Leads

  23. MailAttach - The Best Way to Prevent You From Sending an Email Without Attachments

  24. Get a Panel View of Your Gmail Account

  25. Get Access to a Superhero Game on Your New Tab With This Extension

  26. Demandware With Ease for chrome from ForkPoint

  27. Chuck Norris - The New App

  28. Readefine - The World's First Internet Simplifier

  29. AnotherTab - Arrange Your Bookmarks

  30. Character Multiplier Chrome Extension

  31. Baker Mayfield Themes – For the Avid Football Fan

  32. Find Stunning Mario Wallpapers with this Mario Kart 8 Deluxe HD Wallpapers Extension

  33. Bretzel

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    Bretzel - The New Version

  34. Diep Io Chrome Extension

  35. Learn Korean in a Fun and Interactive Way

  36. AdBlocker for Facebook - How to Block Ads on Facebook