Google Chrome Extensions for Security

  1. Freelance Artist - Is it the Same As a 9-5 Job?

  2. FindPeopleSearch - Free Personal Search Service

  3. Now Net - Online Streaming Platform

  4. Swash

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    Swash - An Extension That Monetizes Your Data

  5. EmailCheckNow - The World’s Best Email Checker

  6. Windscribe - A Free VPN Proxy

  7. Access PUCMM Santiago's Network with PUCMM WIFI Auto Login

  8. Perform Wallet Transactions with IOTA Wallet

  9. uFilter

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    Delete What You Don’t Want to See With uFilter

  10. Chrome PhoneHome EnterpriseTM - A Free Anti-Theft Security Tool

  11. Preava Prevent - The World’s Best Email and Content Security Solution

  12. PreWrap

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    PreMiD Presences - The First Real-Time, Rich-Presence Plugin to Discord Servers

  13. SL2Z beta

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    What Is SL2Z?

  14. Bindles

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    Bindles – For a New Tab That Promotes Productivity

  15. The Dropp Web Extension is the Partner Your Dropp Mobile Wallet Needs

  16. Listen to More Than 20K Free Radio Stations!

  17. The Best VPN for Chrome Is Here!

  18. Beagle Login Recorder - How to Perform a Complete Security Audit

  19. PDF to JPG Converter is the Best and Most Secure Online Solution for the Users of All Platforms

  20. RMail - The Best Way to Stay on Top of Business Communication Needs

  21. Data Shield Browser Extension

  22. - The #1 Solution for Contact Information on Mobile Devices

  23. WPSecurity: Security and Privacy for WordPress Websites

  24. Page Cage

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    Page Cage - A Special Browser Extension

  25. Deadbolt - A Tool For Generating Strong Passwords

  26. Extension for Checking Domain Author Information and IP Flags

  27. Padloc

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    Why You Should Use Padloc?

  28. Freezen MateVPN - A Fast, Secure, Unlimited, and Free VPN Proxy for Chrome

  29. ChromeGenPass - A Chrome Extension That Generates Passwords

  30. 123 Password - Generate Passwords for a Wide Range of Websites

  31. Baitblock - A security system app that removes distractions

  32. Spoiler-Prevention Plugin For Your Favorite Television Series

  33. uVPN - The Best VPN Chrome Extension for Chrome OS

  34. Passwords Are Not Secure

  35. Spectroscope - Find and Track Potential Spectre Wrongs in a Page or Web App

  36. 4th Office - The Best Way to Store Your Data Securely and Anonymously