Google Chrome Extensions for Fun

  1. Sugoi Shimeji - A Social Platform

  2. OKIOCAM - The New Way to Capture Life's Moments

  3. Get New Demon Slayer HD Wallpaper Every Tab

  4. Customize Keyboard Shortcuts with VIZ Hotkeys - For VIZ Manga & Shonen Jump

  5. Clipboard

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    Clipboard – Easy Access to Your Copied Text

  6. SpeakMagic - Convert Speech to Text

  7. A free app for Chrome, by Moolah.

  8. Collect Stars as You Play This Paper Plane Flying Game

  9. Kwanko Toolbox - How to Use the Kwanko Toolbox

  10. Experience Driving Trailer Truck With Triler Truck Simulator Game New Tab

  11. Army Of Soldiers Resistance Game - New Tab Extension For Chrome

  12. Bubble Shooter Game on Chrome - A Game You Can Play Offline on Chrome Browser

  13. Super Ping-Pongoal - Runs Offline for Chrome from MAGBEI GAMES

  14. Rainbow Six Siege Themes – Wallpapers for the Game’s Fans

  15. Personalize Your New Tab With Sonic The Hedgehog Wallpapers

  16. SpeedReadr Chrome Extension - Improve Your Reading Speed

  17. The New Kuunga Desktop

  18. The Best Game of the 80s

  19. Browser Themes and Wallpapers for Your New Tab

  20. Enjoy The Best Stunning Pictures (Nature, Space, & Galaxy)

  21. Omelette - Practice The Language

  22. Have Fun Driving With This Cool New Tab Extension

  23. Batman Vs Superman Wallpaper - The Best Wallpaper Extension For Chrome Browsers!

  24. Baker Mayfield Themes – For the Avid Football Fan

  25. CinchAddon - Get Your Daily Reward On-Time!

  26. Tweak

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    Tweak - A Chrome Extension That Lets You Edit Information on Web Pages

  27. Spongebob and Patrick Wallpaper & Games

  28. Shenhe Genshin Impact - A Free Browser Extension for Changing the Look of Your Browser

  29. Character Multiplier Chrome Extension

  30. Death Run - A Classic Arcade Game For Lovers Of The Genre

  31. Enjoy Playing Games With This Browser Extension

  32. Traffic Car Racing Game New Tab for Chrome from Zillak Games

  33. Diep Io Chrome Extension

  34. Learn Korean in a Fun and Interactive Way

  35. Play Car Park in New Tab

  36. Chrome Extension - Primary Source Scraper