Google Chrome Extensions for Fun

  1. Personalize Your New Tab With Digimon-Themed Wallpapers

  2. Browser Extension for Box Breathing Meditation Guide

  3. Play Meme Sounds With This Tool

  4. Readefine - The World's First Internet Simplifier

  5. AnotherTab - Arrange Your Bookmarks

  6. Merit

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    The Merit System That Filters Out Low-Quality Websites

  7. Hold X

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    Get Back to the Things You Love

  8. Spider Fly Heros Game - Hover Across the Screen and Collect the Coins

  9. Corona Virus Hackathon - Create a Project Within a Single Click

  10. Find Stunning Mario Wallpapers with this Mario Kart 8 Deluxe HD Wallpapers Extension

  11. Bretzel

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    Bretzel - The New Version

  12. Infoscope

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    Use Infoscope to Find Relevant Data

  13. Peaky Blinders New Tab HD - A Good News for Serial Fans

  14. Cargane New Tab for Google Chrome to Help Get Your Mind Off Things by Playing

  15. Carden Chrome Extension - The Chrome Extension That Brings Gamification to Learning

  16. Wave to Me - A Simple and Fun Way to Send Notifications to Your Friends While Surfing the Web

  17. The Best Game of Tic-Tac-Toe For All!

  18. Stretchy Road Fun Game Extension for Chrome Users

  19. Ross SEO Extension - New Way On Analyzing On-Page Data

  20. Reminder to Invite a Group on Facebook

  21. Off Track Jungle Race New Tab Page

  22. Get WowCoins With SmartWeb

  23. Personalize Your New Tab With Kawaii and Aesthetic Wallpapers

  24. Quick and Convenient Ways to Browse Wikipedia

  25. How to Download Visualforce Pages and Components

  26. Free Visio Viewer for Mac, Windows, and Linux

  27. Favorite Keys - Free Chrome Extension

  28. New Status Colors PRO for JIRA Cloud - A Free JIRA Server Add-On

  29. Play House Painter Offline

  30. Reply to Emails Easier

  31. Hey Dude

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    The Big Lebowski: Hey Dude

  32. Firestone Idle RPG Game

  33. Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai Wallpapers and Themes for Your Browser

  34. Suspicious URL Detector for Website

  35. Whack a Mouse Game for Google Chrome Users

  36. Mystique Tab - A New Tab for Chrome