Google Chrome Extensions for Tabs

  1. TabIt - Free Image Viewer

  2. Personalized StarBeam Wallpapers

  3. How to Open Links on a Laptop in an Organized Way

  4. Skyscanner Extension - Book Now

  5. GlotDojo - Learn a New Language With the Help of Movies and News

  6. Tab Closer - How to Close Multiple Tabs of the Same Kind at the Same Time

  7. Customize Your Browser Background With Melissa Benoit’s New Tab

  8. Chrome Extension Rearrange Tabs

  9. Digimon Wallpapers Tool Extension

  10. Next Tab

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    The Next Tab Extension for Chrome

  11. tabbbs

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    Tabbbs - Chrome Extension That Helps You Resume Where You Left Off On Dribble When You Open a Profile and Link

  12. Play Car Park in New Tab

  13. Extension - Quickly and Efficiently Close Your Tabs

  14. Exciting Wallpapers for Grand Theft Auto Fans

  15. Tabs Zipper - A Chrome Extension That Allows You to Locally Save Information of All Tabs

  16. Set Demon's Souls PS5 Design as New Tab Wallpaper

  17. LayZ - A Simple Extension for Browsers

  18. Rename Tab Title - A Free Chrome Extension

  19. Inter-Tab History - A Free, Convenient, and Easy-To-Use Extension for keeping tabs on your browsing history

  20. Re-Focus

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    re-Focus Extension - How Does it Work?

  21. What Does Tabby Do?

  22. Chrome Extension - How to Check the Delivery of Your Favorite Shopping Sites

  23. Tabbie - A Chrome and Firefox Extension

  24. COMME des GARONS Wallpaper & Theme - New Tab Extension For Chrome

  25. Keep It Tidy - Manage Your Tabs With Ease

  26. Download Adventure Time New Tab

  27. TabMania

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    TabMania - A Simple Tab Manager

  28. SplitCast

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    SplitCast - The Ultimate Chrome Extension

  29. Tab Snooze - Keep Yourself From Being Distracted By Snoozing Other Tabs

  30. Hot Star Android Browser Extension - A New Look For Your Browser

  31. Mystique Tab - A New Tab for Chrome

  32. Desktop New Tab Chrome Browser for Page Customization

  33. How to View Which Tabs Haven't Been Opened

  34. iPage: Simple, Lightweight, High Quality Homepage

  35. Enjoy Playing Games With This Browser Extension

  36. Your Last Tabs - A Simple Way to Get Access to Your Last Sessions