Google Chrome Extensions for Tabs

  1. Tab-Closer - A Chrome Extension to Make Your Life Easier

  2. Dogs and Puppies - An Extension for Chrome That Caters To Pooch Lovers

  3. Using the Better Ctrl-W Extension

  4. QuickSearch for IBM Connections Cloud - A Chrome Extension for Seamless Content Searching and Sharing

  5. How to View Which Tabs Haven't Been Opened

  6. Inter-Tab History - A Free, Convenient, and Easy-To-Use Extension for keeping tabs on your browsing history

  7. Re-Focus

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    re-Focus Extension - How Does it Work?

  8. Uncognito

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    Browse Seamlessly From an Incognito to Normal Window With Uncognito

  9. NAK

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    NAK - Open Source Project to Keep Your Tabs Organized

  10. How to Make New Tabs

  11. iPage: Simple, Lightweight, High Quality Homepage

  12. Karma

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    Karma - Track Your Habits With Your Browser

  13. The Shameless Full HD Wallpapers and Theme For Browser in New Tab

  14. Chrome Dev Tools - IR_Black and Base16 Dark

  15. Mystique Tab - A New Tab for Chrome

  16. Desktop New Tab Chrome Browser for Page Customization

  17. Your Last Tabs - A Simple Way to Get Access to Your Last Sessions

  18. Peaky Blinders New Tab HD - A Good News for Serial Fans

  19. Download Adventure Time New Tab

  20. Cool Days Gone Browser Tab Backgrounds

  21. Valorant Themes& New Tab

  22. Startab - Organize Your Bookmarks

  23. Hot Star Android Browser Extension - A New Look For Your Browser

  24. Dishonored Themes & New Tab - Excellent & A Real Masterpiece New Tab

  25. Neon New Tab Wallpapers & Games - The Best Wallpaper For Windows

  26. Rei Ayanami Evangelion - HD Wallpapers & Themes

  27. Olivia Rodrigo - A New Tab Browser Extension

  28. Blue Exorcist's New Tab on Chrome

  29. Romantic Movie Backgrounds Whenever You Open a New Tab

  30. Indiana Pacers New Tab&Wallpapers Collection for Chrome from Infinity positive

  31. Awesome Fortnite NFL HD Wallpapers - Chrome Extension

  32. Free Chrome Extension - A Collection of Beautiful Wallpapers and Skins for New Tabs

  33. Maze Runner Tab Wallpaper

  34. Mermaid HD Wallpaper New Tab for chrome

  35. Han So Hee - A Free Extension

  36. Find Google Meet - Chrome/Google Meet Tab Extension