Google Chrome Extensions for Tabs

  1. Change Your Standard Page Background To A Beautiful Image With Future Tabs

  2. URL Copy - The Best Way to Save Your Time

  3. Funny HD Wallpapers New Tab for Chrome

  4. Hippie Aesthetic Wallpapers - The Best Extension For Windows

  5. Jinx Arcane LoL Wallpaper & Theme - New Tab Extension For Chrome

  6. FocusOn

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    FocusOn - Minimize Your Distractions and Boost Your Productivity

  7. How to Hide Topics and Users on Twitter

  8. Pixel Bridge Builder Game New Tab - Build The Perfect Bridge or Fall Into Your Doom

  9. Tabby

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    Tabby Extension for Chrome - A Quick and Easy Way to Create a New Tab

  10. Use Cause Searches to Generate Money For Your Charity

  11. Simple Tab Saver - A Must-Have Tool

  12. Enjoy a new Kekkai Sensen / Blood Blockade Battlefront wallpapers with each new tab

  13. ForgetMeNot - Find Everything Online For Free

  14. Halloween-Themed New Tab Page

  15. Keep close tabs on Dynamo Dresden's table updates

  16. New Extension to Allow Closing Tabs With a Back Button

  17. Chromforter - Chrome Extension for Slow Internet Connection

  18. Quick Links - How to Save Links

  19. Full HD Wallpapers and New Tab Blade Runner 2049 Browser Extension

  20. World Of Tanks Wallpaper HD New Tab Theme: Make Your Browser Tabs More Beautiful

  21. Superman DC Comics Wallpapers New Tab - HD Wallpapers for your New Tab

  22. Princess Mononoke New Tab Extension for Web Browser

  23. OneAccess - A One-Stop for Bookmarks, History, and Favorites

  24. Tab Finder - An Extension to Find and View Opened Tabs

  25. Squid Game HD Wallpapers and Backgrounds App

  26. Christmas Dogs Wallpaper – Backgrounds for Dog Lovers

  27. Rabbit Hole - A Bookmarking Tool

  28. Color Name Season Identifier – Helps You Identify Colors Seamlessly

  29. Rex - A Mobile App That Makes It Easy to Find New, Personalized Deals

  30. Rugby Extreme Kick for the Goal

  31. Mortal Kombat Extension - Get a New Tab with an Amazing Theme

  32. ktab

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    Ktab - A Simple, Yet Powerful Way to Bookmark Websites and Web Pages

  33. Tab Tennis Foundation - A New Way for You to Help Children in Some of the Poorest Places in the World

  34. Trolley

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    Trolley Shopping Extension - A Google Extension That Enhances the Shopping Experience

  35. Tab Auto Refresh - The Perfect Add-On For You!