Google Chrome Extensions for Tabs

  1. Lynx Animal New Tab for Getting Animal-Inspired Wallpapers

  2. Tesla New Tab - A Free Chrome Extension

  3. Extension Monarch - A Free Chrome Extension

  4. Chrome Extension - Custom Cursors

  5. West Coast Surf Cast - Get The Latest Surfing Images and Data

  6. Loki Wallpaper New Tab - have HD themes for your tabs

  7. AWS Favicon Setup Tool - A Quick Way to Make Sure Your Favicons Are Set Correctly

  8. HD New Tab Wallpapers DC Shoes Extension

  9. Re-newtab

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    Re-Newtab - A Chrome Extension

  10. markbook

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    Markbook - A Personal Bookmark Manager

  11. Tom Clancy Top games HD New Tabs Themes for chrome from Bright New Tab

  12. HD Spider Man Far From Home Wallpapers for your New Tab

  13. Chrome Extension - Research Assist

  14. Meeting Manager – Oversee Meeting Tabs in One Place

  15. Keep All of Your Browser Tabs In Focus With This Extension

  16. How to Use Handy Search

  17. Fun and functional new tab for Anime fans

  18. Halo 5 Companion - Spartan Hub

  19. Pro Football Network App - Get the Latest NFL News and Rumors

  20. Sofia Fortnite Skin - The Best Wallpaper For Fortnite Players

  21. HD Steins Gate wallpapers for every New Tab

  22. Taekook Background and Wallpaper For Your Browser

  23. AnnoTabe

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    AnnoTabe – Make Notes and Annotations on Web Pages

  24. QSearch

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    QSearch Extension for Google Chrome

  25. Get Notified of Any New Content on Your Computer

  26. Daily Links Chrome Extension

  27. Bronto Fortnite Skin Wallpapers New Tab: An Extension for Fans of the Bronto Skin

  28. Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai Wallpaper for New tabs

  29. No more several open tabs on your screens!

  30. Bring Life To Your Chrome Browser With World of Tanks Wallpapers

  31. Thundertick - Search Through Your Browser History

  32. tabby

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    Tabby App - A Simple Tool That Automatically Removes Unneeded Tabs From Your Browser

  33. Amazing Vintage Cars by AmazingApps

  34. SquarePage - The Best App to Customize Your Start Page

  35. Lean Library - Unlock Instant Legal Access to Millions of Free Academic Papers

  36. Automatically close tabs at random